In the new label (second version) there are 3 security items that you should check all 3 items together: the first item: queryable barcode; the second item is the queryable serial number; the third item is the small linear-vertical barcode that is located under the serial number and in each label It has a different arrangement and is not repeated.

Mesolike Technical - Senior Researcher mesolike.com/new-label-high-security/
New Label with High Security

According to reports from several representatives and a large number of customers, new and appropriate changes have been made in the packaging, especially in the product label. These changes will occur continuously, to ensure that Fake Products are removed from the market for these products.

Saliwan Nights - Lab Director

Original Cocktail: Original Label with Mesolike Serial No

Mesolike Original info Box 2020

Mesolike Original Box 2020

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