New Label with High Securitymesolike-hairMan-new-label

According to reports from several representatives and a large number of customers, new and appropriate changes have been made in the packaging, especially in the product label.
These changes will occur continuously, to ensure that Fake cocktails are removed from the market for these products.

There is new system to check product’s originality on Mesolike new Label; This new structure is based on QR-Code and continuous changing.


*** Please pay attention to these 4 points:

1-  The text on the new label does not have a long shelf life so that it can not be reused or copied.


2- Be aware, for security and copyright issues:
The product originality message will be displayed only once, and then the message will change to a Fake message.

3- Despite all these solutions (using applications), the best way to scan barcodes is as follows: carefully remove the label from the vial and stick it on a flat surface and scan it with your mobile phone camera. However, we recommend using Chrome browser and Google Lens.


4- In the new label (second version) there are 3 security items that you should check all 3 items together: the first item: queryable barcode; the second item is the queryable serial number(under the barcode); Use below link to check it’s queryable serial number:

Verify Serial Number


the third item is the small linear-vertical barcode that is located under the serial number and in each label It has a different arrangement and is not repeated.


Please use QR-Code applications to scan QR code of the label.


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